Matthew Broderick

Let me start off by saying I hate going to the dentist. It is solely because of this fact I felt I had to write this review for anyone out there new to the area or who hasn’t had work done recently. If you cannot ignore the problem any longer, have a medical emergency, or anything in between look no further. This is the place you want to go. I had a dental emergency involving a moderately complex procedure. Without getting into to much detail, the roots inside two veneers at the front of my mouth snapped due to a heavy impact at my workplace. Previously I had both a root canal and an apicoectomy done by an oral surgeon. Having almost no actual bone left a graft was required so implant posts could be attached at a later date. Throughout the course of my treatment at Pan Dental I saw all three Dr. Pans and each one showed an expertise that was unparalleled. Not only did they managed to see me not but two hours after the initial incident, but they gave me a full X-Ray and formulated an entire written care plan which they then forwarded to my workmen’s comp claim that same day. The receptionist is charming and presents a carefree attitude all the while working seamlessly with the Pans to make the entire procedure as easy on the patient as possible. Further making the whole experience painless in more ways then one. She contacted my employer directly and made it so I didn’t have to shuffle through mountains of paperwork as would usually be the norm for such a case. Not so at Pan Dental. They managed to begin the aforementioned process of grafting bone into my gums the very next day. Thus beginning a six months long process of implanting new titanium posts into the newly minted jaw bone. This procedure was hell and all three Doctor Pans kept me comfortable before, after, and during the procedure without ever over medicating. Their meticulous skill being the first and foremost tool of pain management used so that aftercare didn’t drag on and put me the patient at risk. Again I hate the dentist with a passion. But for the record Mr. And Mrs. Pan should be proud for not only having started a truly successful family business in the age of disconnected corporate medicine; but also for raising their extremely knowledgeable kind son (and daughter!) who can carry on the family’s legacy. You as a patient of the Pans can rest assured that long after their tenure within the dental community has ended the quality, compassion, and expertise I experienced during this hard time will be carried on for another generation. For that I would just like to say thank you. It is one thing to be a master of your craft it is another thing entirely to master being a decent human being.

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