Piezo Electric

Piezo Electric Scaler: Two Instruments in One

Ultrasonic Scaling and Heated Irrigation System In addition to being a superb piezo ultrasonic scaling solution, the Pro-Select Platinum® is the only system available that combines scaling with heated subgingival irrigation.

Designed for Comfort!

The latest generation Pro-Select® scaler features Advanced Comfort Technology™, which delivers:

  • Patient Comfort!
  • High-speed linear tip motion

Light, lateral pressure that is quiet using minimal water in a light mist to increase patient acceptance Reduces the need for anesthesia for most patients Ability to deliver desensitizing agents during use Heated, subgingival irrigation, a soothing therapy after scaling and root planing billable therapy Effective for use on all adults – not just periodontal patients Safe for patients with pacemakers Clinician Comfort.

Lightweight, ergonomic hand piece designed to reduce muscle strain Feather-like touch: less pressure to effectively scale – from gross debridement to fine finishing Flexible, lightweight cord LED hand piece light: dramatically improves the clinician’s field of vision with high output, no heat LED technology Closed, multi-fluid system offers choice of using distilled water, chlorhexidine and fluoride in a simple, three medicament bottle design Innovative foot pedal design for hands-free control of key system functions Virtually eliminates the need for high pressure hand scaling during hygiene appointments.

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